Preston Youth Correctional | Ione, California

201 Waterman Rd
Ione, CA 95640-9701

(209) 274-8000

Preston Youth Correctional

Preston Youth Correctional is located in Ione, a city located in Amador County, CA that serves as the prison facility for Amador County and surrounding areas. The listed address of Preston Youth Correctional is 201 Waterman Rd. This is facility is located in Ione, CA, 95640-9701. This city is in Amador. Before traveling, you should always call the jail to verify your inmate is still located at this address and that they can receive visitors.

Inmates and their families require regular contact in order to stay close and connected. But Jails and Prisons often make contact with the outside difficult and costly. Some charge inmates long distance call charges of up to $14 a minute. Few families can afford to talk at those prices. Fortunately, setting up a local number that ring thru to a long distance phone enable inmates to talk at local phone rates to family and friends no matter where they live. To do this you'll need a Jail Call service provided by Globaltel at jail calls. You can also send mail to an inmate. Just click here: send postcards. Once you get set up with call service and can communicate with your inmate, it will be easier to start making plans for visitation. CA has many types of prison facility. City Jails, County Jails, State Jails and State Penitentiaries will each have their own rules and times for visitation and even rules for sending and receiving inmate mail

Prison is expensive. Even public prison facilities appear to be operating like for-profit prisons these days. Long distance phone calls are a favorite way for jails to make money. Charging inmates for everything from soap to toothpaste is another. Even sending your inmate money to buy these things will come with an added fee. The first thing to do is set up an economical line of communication as suggested above. Then you can communicate with the inmate to discuss a reasonable budget and how the family can work together to pay and keep it.

Prison families can do a lot to help each other and their inmates in Preston Youth Correctional by sharing information about this facility with other families. We make that easy. Take a moment to share your experiences at Preston Youth Correctional. Everything from suggestions about the best places to stay to the most helpful local organizations can be valuable to others.
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