How It Works


  1. First, click on SIGN UP NOW to activate your Special Jail Phone Number.
  2. Next, give your "Local Jail Call Number" to your inmate.
  3. Your inmate must register your new Local Jail Call Number with the jails internal phone provider.
  4. Last, your inmate can now call your LOCAL JAIL CALL NUMBER to CALL ONLY YOU! All their calls to you will be billed by the jails phone provider as a local call. No More Super High Long Distance Charges as long as they dial your LOCAL JAIL CALL NUMBER!
  5. Your mobile or land line phone will ring as normal and you will save up to 80% any time your inmate's long distance calls your Special Jail Phone Number.
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Your Jail's call provider charges you separately for your inmate talk time. We do not have any limits on your Special Jail Phone Number. We have no control over policies which vary by facility. If you have any trouble and do not receive sufficient value from our service we will provide you will a full refund for the current and billed month of service.