• GlobalTel Saves On Long Distance Inmate Call Charges at any U.S. Prison Facility, Guaranteed

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    Convert your Inmates Long Distance Jail Phone Calls into cheaper "Local Phone Calls". Reduce expensive charges from GTL, Global Tel, Securus, Vconnect and others. Get a "Local Jail Phone Number” Here!

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Are your inmate calls always expensive long distance calls?

If Yes, we can save you a lot of money!

The ONLY way to save big on inmate calls is to use a GlobalTel Local Jail Phone Number. GlobalTel Local Numbers are "local” to your inmate’s facility. So when your inmate calls your new "Local Jail Number" your land or mobile phone will ring and you save money!

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Inmate Calls are always expensive and long distance Inmate Calls are even more.GlobalTel can save you a lot of money on your long distance inmate calls.The solution is a GlobalTel Local Jail Phone Number. It's the "ONLY”guaranteed way to save money on your inmate calls to your own phone number. GlobalTel Local Jail Phone Numbers are local numbers to your inmates facility so there’s no long distance charges billed separately by GTL, Global Tel Link, Securus, VConnect, Paytel or other jail phone provider. So the next time your inmate dials your GloballTel Local Jail Phone Number, your land or mobile phone will ring wherever you are and you will save a lot of money!