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    Save money by getting a Special Jail Phone Number. Long distance inmate calls can rack up huge charges, but our new service stops the big call charges. Stop long distance jail calling charges from any U.S. prison facility for one flat monthly payment. Month to month service and cancel any time. Signup now and Save!

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Make Jail Calls Cheaper

Convert your Inmates Long Distance Jail Phone Calls into cheaper local phone calls with this GlobalTel service. Reduce expensive charges from GTL, Global Tel Link, Securus, Vconnect and others. Get a "Special Jail Phone Number” here and start saving on your long distance inmate calls.

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Are your inmate calls always expensive long distance calls?

If your answer was yes then we can save you a lot of money! The only way to save big on inmate calls is to use a GlobalTel Special Jail Phone Number. GlobalTel Local Numbers are "local” to your inmate’s facility. So when your inmate calls your new "Local Jail Number" your land or mobile phone will ring and you save money! No longer will you have to pay the premium rates currently required to make long distance phone calls.

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Save On Long Distance Inmate Calls

Inmate Calls are always expensive but long distance inmate calls are even more so. GlobalTel can save you a lot of money on your long distance jail calls with the service we provide. The solution to expensive phone charges is a GlobalTel Special Jail Phone Number. A local phone number is the only guaranteed way to save you money on your inmate calls to your personal phone number. GlobalTel Special Jail Phone Numbers are local numbers near your inmates facility so there’s no long distance charges billed separately by GTL, Global Tel Link, Securus, VConnect, Paytel or any other jail phone provider. The next time your inmate dials your GlobalTel Special Jail Phone Number your land or mobile phone will ring and save you a lot of money! You will be able to call inmates internationally easily, and you can reach Federal Bureau of Prison inmates with the same ease. Get started today with this great service.

Check Out Our Affordable Local Jail Calling Plan

We save people like you money with our affordable local jail calling plan. Sign up now and we will help you get started right away. There are no downsides to going with GlobalTel to get a local jail calling phone number. We care about our customers and we know that everyone is different. For this reason we have created an affordable jail calling plan that you can pay month to month with no contract or unnecessary obligations. Get started today.