Pleasant Valley State Prison (Pvsp) | Coalinga, California

24863 W Jayne Ave
Coalinga, CA 93210-9502

(559) 935-4900
Pleasant Valley State Prison (Pvsp)
Scott Frauenheim
minimum, medium and maximum
State Prison

Pleasant Valley State Prison (Pvsp)

Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) is located in Coalinga, a city located in Fresno County, CA that serves as the prison facility for Fresno County and surrounding areas. Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) is one of several minimum, medium and maximum prisons for the State of CA. In order to visit inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp), you'll be traveling to Coalinga, CA, 93210-9502 in Fresno. The address of this facility is listed as 24863 W Jayne Ave. But it's important that you verify that your inmate is at this location before making travel arrangements.

Maintaining contact with friends and family is important for the health and wellbeing of both inmates and their family. Sadly, many prisons don't make this easy. Phone charges of up to $14 a minute for long distance calls create financial burdens on inmate families who must pay for these calls. Thankfully services from Securtel help avoid these additional charges by creating a local phone number an inmate can call that will connect to any long-distance number. By eliminating the long-distance surcharge, inmates can talk to friends and family at the local rate no matter where they might live. You can set this up with Securtel.coml at inmate calls. To send mail to an inmate you can visit send postcards. Always talk with your inmate to learn the hours they are permitted to make phone calls or receive visitors. Facilities like Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) have rules for sending mail and restrictions on the days and times allowed for visitation, Facilities in CA each have different rules that you'll be required to follow. So don't assume they are the same as each other.

Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) is a State Prison facility. It can be helpful to understand the type of facility because this will largely determine how inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) will be treated. Prisons and jails today charge for everything. You can expect to pay for soap, toothpaste, phone calls and stamps, books and even paper are all provided for a fee that is often many times higher than the price paid in the free world. Setting up an economical phone service so you can communicate without long distance charges is the first step. Then you should ask your inmate what else they will need and how you can properly send it.

Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) is located in the PST time zone. Ensure your call times match the correct time in your inmate's location. The current Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) warden is Scott Frauenheim. You can often talk directly with them at a smaller facility or write and email them at a larger one. This will naturally depend on the size and type of your prison facility. Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) has a current occupancy of 3123. The total inmate capacity of Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) is officially 2308. The living conditions at facilities like Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) are often determined by the level of overcrowding. Having to share a bed or having too many inmates in a tight space can lead to conflicts. Prison families can do a lot to help each other and their inmates in Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp) by sharing information about this facility with other families. We make that easy. Take a moment to share your experiences at Pleasant Valley State Prison (pvsp). Everything from suggestions about the best places to stay to the most helpful local organizations can be valuable to others.
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