Cdcr - Devil'S Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) Ca | Alturas, California

PO Box 100
Alturas, CA 96101-0100

(530) 233-3634

Cdcr - Devil'S Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) Ca

The CDCR - Devil's Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) CA in Modoc County serves as a prison facility for the city of Alturas and other smaller towns surrounding Modoc. As well as inmates awaiting transfer to other prisons, jails and State penitentiaries. The listed address of CDCR - Devil's Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) CA is PO Box 100. This is facility is located in Alturas, CA, 96101-0100. This city is in Modoc. Before traveling, you should always call the jail to verify your inmate is still located at this address and that they can receive visitors.

Inmates and their families require regular contact in order to stay close and connected. But Jails and Prisons often make contact with the outside difficult and costly. Some charge inmates long distance call charges of up to $14 a minute. Few families can afford to talk at those prices. Fortunately, setting up a local number that ring thru to a long distance phone enable inmates to talk at local phone rates to family and friends no matter where they live. To do this you'll need a Jail Call service provided by Globaltel at jail calls. You can also send mail to an inmate. Just click here: send postcards. Always talk with your inmate to learn the hours they are permitted to make phone calls or receive visitors. Facilities like CDCR - Devil's Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) CA have rules for sending mail and restrictions on the days and times allowed for visitation, Facilities in CA each have different rules that you'll be required to follow. So don't assume they are the same as each other.

Prisons and jails today charge for everything. You can expect to pay for soap, toothpaste, phone calls and stamps, books and even paper are all provided for a fee that is often many times higher than the price paid in the free world. Setting up an economical phone service so you can communicate without long distance charges is the first step. Then you should ask your inmate what else they will need and how you can properly send it.

Prison families can do a lot to help each other and their inmates in CDCR - Devil's Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) CA by sharing information about this facility with other families. We make that easy. Take a moment to share your experiences at CDCR - Devil's Garden Adult Conservation (Fire) Ca. Everything from suggestions about the best places to stay to the most helpful local organizations can be valuable to others.
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