International Callback

Looking for an affordable, convenient, reliable international callback service? In far too many countries, phone services are monopolized. Rates are prohibitively high for local calls, and international calling costs are outrageous. With our international callback service, calls can be placed for a much lower rate.

How does it work?

When a customer signs up for our international callback service, they receive a unique US phone number known as an “access number”. They simply dial the access number, let it ring once, and hang up. Within a few seconds, the phone will ring as our switching center “calls you back” and a message plays directing the customer to now dial the destination number. It’s that simple!

A callback card can also be used if remembering the access number is difficult. Callback services make international calls more affordable and accessible to people all around the globe. Instead of only being able to call family and friends on special occasions, customers can now use callback and speak to their loved ones much more frequently.

How can users sign up?

Signing up for GlobalTel’s international callback service is easy.

  1. First, users need to activate a callback service with a company offering competitive international rates (we suggest they use our company, of course!)
  2. Second, the callback company will assign the local access number (also known as a trigger number) for the users.
  3. Third, the users must call their newly assign number, let the phone ring once, then hang up to activate the system.
  4. Fourth, the system will call the users back, and prompt them to enter their destination number (if the user does not have a callback number registered in the system, it will prompt them to enter a PIN, then the destination number.)
  5. Fifth, the user can dial the destination number and complete their international call.

It sounds like a lot of steps, but in real time it only takes less than a minute to accomplish – dial the call-back service, enter your access number, hang up, pick up the phone when it rings, enter your destination number, and that’s it – you are being connected to your party!

Don’t pay exorbitant international calling rates. Instead, use Globaltel’s International CallBack Service to make calls cheaply and frequently!