How to Make an International Call

Making an international call

To make an international long distance phone call, you must first know the international call prefix. This one to three digit code that allows you to dial outside of your own country and connect to the country you are calling to. There is a unique international calling prefix for each country you call. Once you pick up your phone and hear a dial tone, you will dial this code followed by the rest of the digits which include the country code and phone number. For Example, calling from the US, a call to anywhere in the World would begin with “011” with the exception of a few Caribbean countries such as The Bahamas and Jamaica and others that would be dialed using the international call prefix of “1”

The next digits are the country code for the country that you are trying to call. This code will be from 1 to 3 digits.

After dialing the country code, you must dial the area code or city code. These digits will be from 1 to 3 digits. These and all digits that are dialed enable the phone network to route your call down to narrower and narrower geographic area which ultimately connects you to the person in the country you are calling.

Finally, you dial the local phone number of the party you are trying to reach and you will hear either a ring or a busy signal if you dialed all the digits correctly. If you hear any other sounds such as a fast busy signal or recorded message you should hang up and dial the international calling sequence again.

Here’s a summary of the steps to make an International Call.

  1. Dial The International Call Prefix (1 to 3 digits)
  2. Dial The Country Code (1 to 4 digits)
  3. Dial The City Code (1 to 4 digits)
  4. Dial The Local Number (7 to 10 digits)

Here’s a real example on how to make an international call. To dial a local phone number in Rio, Brazil,from anywhere in the US. First, you dial 011 which is the international call prefix used in the U.S. Next, dial the country code for Brazil which is 55. Next you will dial 21 which is the city code for Rio. Finally you dial the local phone number to get connected.

To connect the call to Rio, Brazil from U.S.A you would dial the following:

011 55 21 + the local phone number

Saving money on all your international Calls

Now that you are an expert at placing international calls it is very important to learn how to save the most money on your international phone calls. Calling internationally can be extremely expensive if you don’t use the right provider and a very low cost by using the right provider international phone call provider. There are also several international calling technologies that save money on your international calls, for example; you can use voice over IP, calling cards and international callback services. Each of these convenient methods has proven for years to save up to 80% on international phone calling rates and quality is just as high as normal phone calls.

Some overseas mobile and land line carriers charge huge international calling rates and even using your own mobile phone carrier will not save the most on your international calls. We suggest that you use the three telecom services we mentioned above, international callback, VoIP calling services and/or Prepaid International Calling Cards.

The best provider of all three of these services is GlobalTel. For example, GlobalTel has been providing discount international calling services since 1991, that’s over 24 years. You can use one of GlobalTel’s international calling services such VoIP, just download their mobile voip calling app at Then buy a discount calling PIN at or and register the PIN to start making your cheap international calls using Wifi or broadband provided by your mobile carrier.

GlobalTel also provides international callback service through its site. International callback is easy to use and works from any land line or mobile phone.

Using GlobalTel’s Telcan and Dial91 service will also enable you to use your PIN with local access numbers when calling from a land or mobile phone in many countries.

The way Callback works is you simply dial a USA access number that we provide and hang up after you hear a single ring. You are not charged for this first call as you are not connected. Our system then calls you back at your registered phone number and prompts for and the international number you are trying to call. The rate is very low and varies depending on where you are calling. We route your call through the cheapest carrier for that call and deduct the cost of the call from your credit card. International callback service is credited for forcing down long distance rates globally over the past 20 years. Even in 2014 International Callback can save you up to 80% on all your international calls.